The Yellow Untitled by Sandra Keja Planken for Noun Amsterdam

Dezeen staff | 10 hours ago

VDF products fair: The Yellow Untitled is a new rug collection designed by Sandra Keja Planken for Noun Amsterdam that aims to brighten interiors «like the morning sun».

The collection is made from bright eucalyptus wools, and intended to evoke a sun decorated with textured «pieces of the earth».

The Yellow Untitled design evolved from a painting by Planken, founder of Noun Amsterdam, and has been created using the traditional textile craft of hand-tufting.

European eucalyptus wool was chosen for the rug collection as the fibre is «huggable», naturally-occurring and sustainably produced.

Planken’s ambition for The Yellow Untitled was to offer a series of unique and textural rugs that could bring «rays of sunlight» into home interiors.

«The Yellow Untitled is a kiss from the sun,» explained the Dutch design studio. «It is designed to brighten your space like the morning sun.»

Each product is made to order and can be completed in any size and shape.

Product: The Yellow Untitled
Brand: Noun Amsterdam
Designer: Sandra Keja Planken
Contact address:

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