Have You Spotted Any Of London’s Lockdown-Inspired Street Art?


London’s reliably brilliant street art scene’s been in a boom despite current constraints.

Or maybe because of them: vivid, exuberant murals, sculptures and posters have been blooming across the city in response to lockdown and these increasingly weird times.

essages of hope, reminders that we’re in this together, gratitude for the NHS — or just elegies to all the kissing we can’t currently be doing: a whole spectrum of lockdown emotions, captured in glorious technicolour.

Did we miss your favourite? Tag us in your shots — @londonist_com.

Some #bowenandblackmore in Brick Lane:  

And Oxford Street…

And Rotherhithe

This solo piece by @nathanbowenart in Sydenham:  

This Herne Hill sculpture (we think it’s by Kevin McKeon):  

This masked mural in West Hampstead by @zabouartist:

*A collab with @through_arts_we_rise and @humanizing_the_homeless

Some love in a time of corona, by @unifyartist:

This Star Wars-themed south London mural celebrating the ‘real heroes of the rebellion against Covid-19’:

*drop us a message if you know the artist

Some more superhero action in Waterloo by @lionel_stanhope:

A Caravaggio-2k20 in Brockley, also by Lionel:

And a contagion we actually hope spreads, from the good folk at @contagious_compliments:

Last Updated 24 May 2020

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