“Gerhard Richter: Painting After All”

945 Madison Avenue
March 4–July 5, 2020

Gerhard Richter, Betty, 1977, oil on wood, 11 3⁄4 × 15 3⁄4″.

Curated by Sheena Wagstaff and Benjamin H. D. Buchloh with Brinda Kumar

This sprawling survey, Richter’s first in the US in seventeen years, will provide an opportunity for an uninitiated generation of American viewers to take stock of the work of the eighty-seven-year-old artist, whose status as a master of conceptually driven painting is, at this point, undeniable. Featuring more than one hundred pieces in a panoply of media (with, as the title indicates, an emphasis on paintings), the exhibition will display work never before seen on this side of the Atlantic, including the series “Cage,” 2006; the four-panel Birkenau, 2014; and Forest, 2005, a twelve-painting suite that will command its own immersive gallery. The show will be accompanied by a comprehensive catalogue with newly commissioned essays by its curators as well as by scholars Briony Fer, Hal Foster, Peter Geimer, and André Rottmann. In our era of political uncertainty and upheaval, a fresh engagement with an artist known for his confrontation of modern history’s darkest episodes seems most timely.

— Jordan Kantor

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