For 48 Hours Only, Gagosian Is Offering a Mark Grotjahn Painting for $800,000

Maximilíano Durón


May 29, 2020 1:50pm

Mark Grotjahn, Untitled (Capri 52.56), 2019.©MARK GROTJAHN. COURTESY GAGOSIAN.

As part of ARTnews’s Hop from Home initiative on Instagram, which highlights businesses in the art world as they adapt to the coronavirus crisis, Marion Maneker spoke to Sam Orlofsky, a director at Gagosian, about a painting on offer in the gallery’s online “Spotlight” series. Watch video of the conversation below.

This spring was to be a big season for Mark Grotjahn, one of contemporary art’s most sought-after and highest-priced artists. He was to present an exhibition of new and recent work at Gagosian gallery in Paris, but those plans were put on hold as the coronavirus crisis forced the gallery to temporarily close.

Grotjahn has only ever mounted two painting shows in more than a decade of working with Gagosian, and this show was to mark a new entry in his ongoing “Capri” series, works from which were last shown to acclaim in fall 2018. Now, in the gallery’s online “Spotlight” program, Gagosian is featuring Untitled (Capri 52.56) from 2019—on offer for “48 hours only” for $800,000.

“[Grotjahn] shows very cautiously and yet he had just for the first time ever been ramping up to doing a sequence of multiple consecutive paintings shows with us,” Orlofsky said. “The good news was that we had quite a bit of material of Mark’s in the studio to consider and to sift through and to think of what would be right for this project.”

This work is the highest-priced offering on Gagosian’s “Spotlight” by a significant amount. Previously the highest was a Stanley Whitney painting, priced at $350,000. “Mark’s also in a different position than most people in the sense that his primary market price-point is quite high,” Orlofsky said. “New paintings of his can be $5 million.”

He added that another recent piece by Grotjahn will also be on offer during the gallery’s participation in Art Basel Online next month.


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