Chloe Wong

Chloe Wong is a final year photography student, living and working in York. Her practice pays close attention to the details of everyday items. She surveys textures, colours and natural beauty that is found in decaying buildings. With speed to the mark is from a larger body of work, which highlights the aesthetic attraction of decay within an abandoned RAF base. A Macro Lens was used to capture the finer details of the decaying structures. Looking at degeneration in minutiae brings about a number of unexpected colours and surfaces, which results in a new reading of the work. The title With speed to the mark represents the unique RAF station badge of where the images were taken. Chloe Wong’s inspiration for the Texture series was ignited by her fascination with how nature always prevails. The Macro Lens made it possible to see things often unlooked by the naked eye, whilst creating a unique image that is interpreted differently, from what the image truly represents.


Posted on 3 June 2020

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