After Appearing in Venice Biennale, Artist Andra Ursuta Heads to David Zwirner

Alex Greenberger


July 16, 2020 11:00am


ust over a year after her work appeared in the group exhibition of the vaunted Venice Biennale, artist Andra Ursuta—known for her surreal sculptures that envision bodies in extreme states—has joined the roster of one of the world’s top galleries. David Zwirner, which has galleries in New York, London, Paris, and Hong Kong, will now represent the New York–based artist globally. A David Zwirner representative said that Ursuta will continue working with her New York gallery, Ramiken, which staged a critically acclaimed show of her work last year.

In a statement, David Zwirner, the gallery’s founder, said that the move was partly spurred on by Ursuta’s former gallerist. “Thanks to Mike [Egan, of Ramiken] who invited me spontaneously to visit Andra in her studio right there and then,” Zwirner said. “Not only is she a true artist’s artist, but her visionary work resonates in many ways and pushes the boundaries of sculpture into new and salient formal and narrative territories.”

Ursuta’s mysterious sculptures tend to allude to bodies in flux. For her New Museum solo show in 2016, she created a rock-climbing wall whose holds were shaped like genitalia. And at the Venice Biennale last year, she showed works that resembled bones with various materials—“marriage trash,” among them, according to wall text—nestled inside them. Ursuta, who also had work in the group show of the 2013 Venice Biennale, is slated to have a solo show at David Zwirner’s Paris gallery in 2021.

Ursuta is the second artist to join David Zwirner’s roster this month alone. The gallery announced that it was now representing the Juan Muñoz estate last week, and that arrangement also came through a prior gallerist—in that case, Marian Goodman, who had shown the artist’s work for more than three decades.


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