LoveSick: Somewhere

A young skater couple imagine how they would spend their last day on Earth

«This project takes its shape from a conversation recorded between Rachelle and Toby, a real couple, living in Brooklyn,» says director Ariel Danziger. «I wanted to approach this short film very differently than the ways I have worked in the past. As we set off to shoot, we had conversations on how we would like to spend our last day on Earth. This stemmed from a place of ‘what ifs’; hypothetical scenarios that elicited existential questions about life and death, mixed with stripped-down sincerity and candid talk that made it playful, poetic and optimistic.

«The idea for Rachelle and Toby was for them to go into a room in private and record their conversation. Without me or anyone else knowing what they had discussed. I wanted to shoot what I thought their conversation felt like, not what it was about. I wanted to examine visually and viscerally what a conversation looked like between two people. How does thought unravel and where does it take you emotionally or existentially?

This experiment led us down a two-day shoot out in Montauk, NY also known as The End. Although it has now become a hip summer destination it used to be a quiet fisherman and surfer town, but I knew in the offseason it would be the perfect location to capture our story, as it makes for a desolate and cinematic backdrop in the dead of winter.

«Once we wrapped and began driving back to the city I decided to play their conversation. When I heard it for the first time I knew we had something that was so truthful and transparent. It was incredibly beautiful to hear the point of view of youth and young love with such honesty.»June 29, 2020


Marley Hansen


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