“Matisse, comme un roman”


Place Georges-Pompidou
October 21, 2020–February 22, 2021

Henri Matisse, Intérieur aux aubergines (Eggplant Interior), 1911, glue tempera on canvas, 82 1/2 × 96 7/8″. © Succession H. Matisse

Curated by Aurélie Verdier

In honor of the 150th anniversary of Matisse’s birth, the Centre Pompidou will examine the breadth of the artist’s work from a novel perspective: the written word. Such an approach is apt for an artist who, in working across varied media, always engaged with creation syntactically, deploying elements like color, shape, and volume in linguistic terms. Arranged chronologically, each of the exhibition’s nine sections is organized around a different author’s insights into Matisse’s practice—including Louis Aragon, Georges Duthuit, Dominique Fourcade, Clement Greenberg, and Matisse himself. Although it is not possible to reunite all of the artist’s key works, the exhibition boasts significant loans, such as the acclaimed Intérieur aux aubergines, 1911, from the Musée de Grenoble, as well as a plethora of lesser-known works on paper, illustrated books, and original texts on the artist.

— Karen K. Butler

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