NOWNESS Shorts: Cuero

A modest Argentinian man takes an unassuming trip to a decadent sex hotel

This latest release explores the life of an Argentinian countryman who breaks away from his solitary farming routine to spend an evening in a pay-by-the-hour sex hotel—or ‘Telo’ in Argentinian slang. “Cuero tells the story of a lonely man who spends his days hiding behind his gaucho vestments,” says scriptwriter Florencia Arrizabalaga who worked on the project with directing duo Mumu and filmmaker Rocio Crudo. “He finds a way to embody who he really is by having an intimate encounter with himself, albeit for a limited time.”

“Erotic, bizarre and extremely private, they are open 24/7”

“Erotic, bizarre and extremely private, they are open 24/7,” says Arrizabalaga of the Telos, which tend to include a jacuzzi, branded condoms, porn and mirrored ceilings. But the paraphernalia of sex elicits no curiosity from our protagonist, instead it’s the plush furnishings, room service and spa bath that he secretly craved.

“It would be great if men could show themselves as they really are, without fear,” says Arrizabalaga, whose male lead eschews the image we have of the gaucho, alpha male. “I think macho culture in Argentina is one of the main problems of violence and discrimination against women. If society taught men to be vulnerable and sensitive, then things would be easier.”August 5, 2020


Marley Hansen

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