Renee Gladman’s Sentence Structures

By The Paris Review August 12, 2020


In 2013, Renee Gladman began drawing a series of dense, looping works that assume the characteristics of handwriting but prove to be indecipherable, a sort of scrawled sprawl of imagined structures. To readers of her Ravicka novels, which take place in a fictitious city-state full of surreal architecture and impossible phenomena, this should sound familiar; no matter the medium, Gladman pursues the limits of language, form, and communication. A selection of these drawings appears in Image Text Ithaca Press’s lovingly constructed One Long Black Sentence, printed in white ink on black paper and accompanied by a contribution from Fred Moten. Below, take a look inside the book.

From Renee Gladman’s One Black Sentence, published by Image Works Ithaca Press.

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