Mentrix: Walk

Celebrating the womanhood, unity, solidarity and spirituality of urban Tehran

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Accompanying the release of Iranian Berlin-based singer, composer and songwriter Mentrix’s debut LP «My Enemy, My Love», French director Gilles Estève conceived and directed three films illustrating three different tracks of the record. Walk is the first release of this series.

Filming the first international music videos in Iran in four decades, the production was the artistic encounter between a European team and an Iranian team. The film follows this duality, mixing the East with the West, showing an Iranian women-only cast, representing the Iran of today, coming across western aesthetics (fashion, image, etc).

Walk is a cinematic narrative exploring themes of womanhood, unity, solidarity and spirituality from the contrast of the concrete and neon of urban Tehran to the breathtaking and symbolic horizons of the Iranian deserts.

August 19, 2020

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