Just Dance: Home With You

A symphony of synchronicity set to FKA twigs’ mercurial art-pop hit



“This song gave me comfort in a really difficult time where nothing seemed to still my mind,” says choreographer Matilda Fleberg of FKA twigs’ 2019 track “Home With You.” “It helped me accept my state of mind and reassured me, regardless of how lost I was feeling, that everything I needed to find my way back to myself was already inside of me; an inner light that never goes out.”

After playing “Home With You” on repeat for several months Fleberg gradually transformed her emotional journey in a choreographed dance sequence that embodied the disquiet of her mind. Eleven dancers move with svelte synchronicity as they express claustrophobia and liberty. Their fluidity throws into relief the solidity of the concrete walls and stone quarry that make up their surroundings.

“Dance is probably the most human artform we have. Translating natural and unexplainable beauty into a film is an often underestimated challenge,” says director Nicolina Knapp, who collaborated with Fleberg to bring this dance to the screen. “As a director, I want to achieve a symbiosis with the emotion of the choreography, making sure every element tells the story of the dance.”

The film’s energy comes not from the individual dancers but their intense interconnected actions that exude duality, symmetry, and balance. Home With You can be viewed as a cautionary tale, a diary entry, or a love letter to the foreign land that is the mind, but ultimately it is a testament to the fortitude of the human spirit.

February 19, 2021

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