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Multichannel chaos and misanthropy in a galaxy not so far away

Conceptually, the world of Care More is one of shifting dimensions, where the encroaching mechanization of life and emotion has colonized the hearts and minds of a free and creative world. Within the fray, we bear witness to the passing conversations of its inhabitants, some jubilant about this transformation and others who want to fight against it.

“I’d been wanting to make narrative-based visual work for a long time,” says multimedia artist Thomas Harrington Rawle, who was also behind the animation work in Daffodil. “Having done a lot of music-based work, I always felt the most drawn in, creatively speaking, when creating whole worlds.”

“Post-apocalyptic cityscapes, a burning hologram of Earth, and melting ice caps…”

Care More is a series of misanthropic vignettes visualizing the absurdity of the Anthropocene age and extrapolates it to imagine society’s tragic future. Rawle’s and writing partner Cathal Mckeon’s dark humor play out in their depictions of affirmation machines, a talking owl that welcomes the rampant destruction of nature, and abstract aphorisms. If the message of caring more for people and the planet was not obvious, the film also has post-apocalyptic cityscapes, a burning hologram of Earth, and melting ice caps.

“In a lot of circumstances, the other mediums I’ve been working in would suffer because of my obsessive tendency to create complex backstories,” says Rawle. “I realized that rather than ditch the urge I would dive into a medium that would allow me to explore it. That just happened to be this animated film. It allows for an elastic reality where you can create a universe with no rules.”

The animation ends on a wistful note with Antonín Dvořák’s “New World Symphony”, an ironic music choice to make us question what sort of brave, new world we are headed towards.

The Care More Episode 1 NFT will be part of a larger collection of cryptocurrency art to be released over the next few months, exclusively on Zora. Support the artist by bidding here.March 31, 2021


Marley Hansen


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