Dancing About Architecture: Dürer

Seven dancers transcend the standstill of 2020 through endless motion in a derelict building

Hungarian photographer and cinematographer András Ladocsi transmutes the tensions and fears of the past year into a mesmerizing dance for his latest film. “With the body and mind constrained during the pandemic,” says the director, “we wanted to liberate ourselves through movement, which is vital to life.”

Seven dancers deconstruct strict and freeform movement in response to the music and location—a derelict swimming pool built on the site of a 100-year-old monastery during Hungary’s soviet regime.

Dürer reveals the impermanence of buildings, structures, and systems that we are led to believe are infallible. The swimming pool’s layered histories intertwine with the dancers’ emotions as they emulate tenderness, passion, reconciliation, and a longing for hope.

“The aim was to create a memento,” says Ladocsi, “To fill the void of a formless but felt future while creating a sanctuary to explore our feelings in a space that is destined to be demolished.”January 11, 2021


Marley Hansen

Marley Hansen

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