Mirwaïs: 2016—My Generation

Sex, art and politics collide at breakneck speeds in a warped animation directed by Oscar-winning Ludovic Houplain



After the success of his work on Madonna’s eighth studio albumiconic French musician and producer Mirwaïs returns with hypnotic visuals for «2016—My Generation,» the first track taken from his hotly-anticipated album set for release this year. 

This fast-paced animation shows a never-ending stream of art and pop culture, big tech and media, sports and world religions, sex and porn, politics and banking; we are exposed to a constant flow of information as the film races backward along a highway at breakneck speeds.

This music video was first created in 2017 by Ludovic Houplain, the director behind Logorama, which won the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film in 2000. The award-winning film was created by using 2,000 logos and mascots; a metaphor for how cities have become a playground for commercial brands and marketing gimmicks.

Mirwaïs invited Houplain to revisit the themes of his 2000 film and bring it up to date in this music video that takes us on a journey through time, showing us the cultural topography of society; the digitalization of reality, fake news, the power of social media networks, the rise of totalitarianism and the falsification of truth.

“Although they show the same content, 2016—My Generation is the antithesis of A Clockwork Orange, says Houplain. “Where Alex, the hero of Kubrick’s film, directly experienced a continuous flow of images as a torture, fifty years later it has become a leisurely activity.”

“2016—My Generation” is the first single taken from Mirwaïs’s forthcoming album, The Retrofuture, which will feature Kylie Minogue and moreApril 19, 2021

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