Back to One, Episode 151: Julian Kostov

by Peter Rinaldi
in Columns
on Apr 27, 2021

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Julian Kostov is a multilingual Bulgarian actor, producer, and advocate for slavic representation. He plays Fedyor on the new hit Netflix fantasy series Shadow and Bone. On this episode, he takes us from his depressed student years, when it was folly to even dream of working as an actor, through the difficult period of the growth of his craft, recovering from big auditions, strengthened by personal breakthroughs that fuel the work, all the way through the harnessing of his ability to bring his unique spin to wonderful roles and help others with the founding of his company JupiterLights Media, which bridges Bulgarian and other Eastern-European talent to the international entertainment industry. His success is not just built on hard work, but love, generosity, and a belief in the connection that binds us all. You’re going to love this actor.

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