Julia Stoschek Collection

Cyprien Gaillard, L’Ange du foyer (Vierte Fassung), 2019, holographic LED display, stainless steel base, 150 × 75 × 24″. Installation view, A FIRE IN MY BELLY, JSC Berlin. Photo: Alwin Lay.

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Featuring thirty-six artists from different generations, A FIRE IN MY BELLY is an exhibition about violence and how experiences of violence are negotiated and transformed through gestures of rage, resistance, and release. Conceived in relation to the unfinished film by American artist David Wojnarowicz (1954–1992) from which it takes its title, the show seeks to frame and understand the different ways in which violence permeates our social reality and how art offers us a language for desires and traumas that are often repressed.

When have we been complicit in and subject to violence and its various incarnations? Which structures and prejudices allow for its perpetuation today, and what tools do we have to dismantle them to build more just worlds?

As long as people are being murdered and discriminated against because of their origin, race, skin color, gender, or sexual orientation, we have a responsibility to confront violence and its foundations, and to recognize when art as a gesture is no longer enough.

Curators: Lisa Long and Julia Stoschek

Curatorial Assistant: Eugene Yiu Nam Cheung

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