A phantasmagorical coming-of-age portrait of Finnish-Somali youth set in Helsinki


Fardosa is an intimate short film about a young woman growing up in the big-sky suburbs of Helsinki. The film touches upon the importance of friendship, identity, and the generational differences between those born into different cultural contexts from their parents. This mercurial coming-of-age film includes the elements that most enjoy from the genre—the freewheeling spirit of youth and rebellion—but is interrupted by phantasmagorical reveries from the lead actor’s complex interior world.

Fardosa is a collaboration between its co-stars Rukia Mahamed and Iqlaas Osman—first-time actors, writers, and filmmakers—and director Anton Tammi, with the supporting actors Marian Juuni, Sabah Mohamud, Saamia Mohamud, and Saamia Kinzi Roble.

“For me, Fardosa is about a girl that is always putting others first and trying to please her family and friends until she starts to lose herself in everyone else’s world,” says Mahamed, “sometimes she just wants to disappear into her own peaceful world.”

Osman adds, “it’s a young woman’s journey of growth within a generational and cultural framework. We see Fardosa’s character float into a dream-like state.” These alternative realms of existence that both the actors refer to are brought to life by the film’s imaginative mix of documentary profile, narrative drama, and VFX.

The entire cast consists of Finnish-Somali non-professional actors. After a careful casting process by the film’s producers, the team broke away from the conventional modes of filmmaking and worked as a collective. Improvising the script process with the cast allowed them to show their own stories.May 14, 2021

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