The Shimmering Extraordinary: Hayaat Zahra


The Scottish Ballet’s intersectional dance commission

Embrace your sexuality through dance in this kinetic profile commissioned by Scottish Ballet

Scottish Ballet’s inaugural Safe To Be Me™ Festival inspires creative thinking and uses movement as a tool to explore intersectional topics. Scottish Ballet commissioned Emmy Award-nominated filmmaker Fx Goby to explore themes of pride and shame in six dance films, starring artists from various backgrounds.

Each film, which was produced by Nexus Studios, works together to create a stunning tableau of words and movement, with each performer speaking their truth about how dance has helped them embrace their shimmering, extraordinary selves.

Safe To Be Me™ is a year-round program for young people across Scotland which uses dance to introduce and explore topics such as racism, homophobia, bigotry, ableism, and transphobia.

Saul Nash is a dancer, choreographer, and menswear designer from London. In the early days of his career, he was concerned about whether his peers would accept him as a gay man in the hip-hop dance community—an industry and music genre that has historically low LGBTQ representation. As this dance vignette unravels across London at dusk, Nash explains how movement empowers him to be his true and unapologetic self.

“The Scottish Ballet has a very open and inclusive approach to dance and societal themes, and I want this film to reflect eclecticism in every way, with dance being center stage,” says Fx Goby. “I want each portrait to be truthful and intimate. In the film, we see them move, dance, be themselves, use their body in a space that reflects who they are or have become. I want this film to be inspiring and moving at the same time.”May 26, 2021


Saul Nash

Saul Nash

Saul NashFx Goby

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