Lexie Liu: Carousel Mauve

Lexie Liu 刘柏辛- 香芋色的错觉CAROUSEL MAUVE (Official Video) - YouTube


Enter a house of illusion in the genre-bending phenom’s latest music video

The futuristic, dream-pop sound of Lexie Liu’s “Carousel”—the third track taken from her latest EP—now comes with surreal and stunning visuals in this creative collaboration with NOWNESS China. In Carousel Mauve, the Hunan Province-born singer, rapper, and songwriter embodies three different characters; reality, the subconscious, and the fictional world.

Carousel Mauve is a visual interpretation of Lexie Liu’s lyrics, which explore contrasting states of consciousness. The three versions of her that we see appear as dreamlike figments of each other’s imaginations. The central figure, however—a troubled writer with a dissociative identity disorder in an empty building with only a typewriter at hand—gives us all the mystifying vibes of The Shining (1980). But all work and no play does not make Lexie Liu a dull girl as the mandopop sensation has been busy setting her watch for world occupied and garnering fans from Brazil to Japan.

Lexie Liu gained popular attention in 2018 after becoming a finalist in Rap of China, a reality music competition where she was the only female artist left standing in the show’s second season. Liu has a uniquely cross-cultural appeal as her bilingual music audaciously mixes heady infusions of hip hop and sci-fi-inspired electronica.

Since her debut, she has been signed to the Asian-American label 88rising, become a brand ambassador for Saint Laurent Eyewear, launched an exclusive jewelry collection with Collec, and has just released her fourth EP, Gone Gold, on which “Carousel” features

.June 23, 2021

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