Back to One, Episode 160: Frank Mosley

by Peter Rinaldi
in Columns
on Jun 29, 2021

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For the past decade, Frank Mosley has been independent cinema’s go-to actor. Upstream ColorThunder RoadSome BeastsChained For LifeFreelandThe Ghost Who Walks are just a few examples of films that benefit from the authenticity, deep-rooted intensity, and “all-in” approach he brings to every performance. His talents extend to the other side of the camera as well. His uncompromising, visionary shorts and features have played around the world, from Slamdance to the Champs-Elysées. In this hour, he informs, inspires, and reflects on this wonderful and insane creative endeavor that he can’t stay away from without getting withdrawal symptoms. He talks about his fondness for rehearsal, how directing has helped his acting craft, what he did to give himself a boost when he felt the fire going out, the important power of empathy for the actor, why he’s never going to stop creating, and much more!

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