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Cyril Foiret

Foiret·April 23, 2020

Bertjan Pot is a designer, notably known for having made the Random Light in 1999. His research is based on light as a starting point.

The result usually results in a product showing a fascination with techniques, structures, patterns and colors. Most of his experiments begin on the impulse of a certain curiosity. From there, Pot works with various manufacturers to explore the possibilities and push the limits. He has worked for Arco, Domestic, Moooi and Nike.

The Masks series begun in 2010 and still in progress, is an exploratory work on the subject. The idea originated in an unexpected reaction: wanting to make a carpet, Bertjan Pot realizes that once the textile assembled, curves are created. From there, he began to consider a first mask, the beginning of a long series. The possibilities are endless and the designer has since enjoyed creating each time new faces.

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September 25, 2019

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