My Place: Self-Isolation Edition with Parma Ham

A quarantine-inspired spin-off of our flagship series

he gothic curatorial producer and DJ welcomes us into their American Psycho-inspired home

In keeping with these strange and unprecedented times due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, NOWNESS launches an exciting My Place mini-series to reveal the inspirational potential of every home. Under the expert guidance of My Place series director Barbara Anastacio, creatives from the industries of music, art and fashion will release a self-shot episode showcasing their unique living environments across NOWNESS channels.

As the boundaries between the external and interior world starts to blur, we want to recast the home as a holistic expression of an individual’s creativity, personality and unique history. With upcoming series appearances from rapper Tommy Cash and filmmaker Nadia Lee Cohen, stay tuned to find out what ‘home’ means to them.

Known for creating and producing subversive shows in the world of music, fashion, and performance art, Parma Ham is a gothic, shapeshifting creative who has collaborated with Serpentine Galleries and supported Boy George. 

Their minimalist home is offset by a magnanimous clothing collection of rubber, latex, faux furs, chains and sky-high boots. Besides the enviable closet, their favourite room in the apartment is the living room, which is a duplicate of the lounge space featured in 2000 satirical psychological horror film American Psycho.

Based in London, Parma Ham has coped with self-isolation living by maintaining the routine of getting dressed every day and putting on virtual club nights that provide a space for queer and gender nonconforming audiences to come together.

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