Out of Blueprints: Dancing Eyes III (2019)

From call girls to dancers for hire, this hyperactive film project explores the moral ambiguity of voyeurism

NOWNESS presents Out of Blueprints, a new online exhibition of moving image work on the occasion of Cao Fei’s solo exhibition, Blueprints, at the Serpentine Galleries, which has been temporarily closed in response to the global spread of COVID-19. In partnership with the Serpentine Galleries and K11 Art Foundation, this new program illustrates how artists and institutions have turned closure into creation, and adversity into innovation, as each week an East Asia-based practitioner releases a moving image work on NOWNESS.

Working with diverse materials in the fields of installation, sculpture and video, Sinae Yoo is a Bern and Seoul-based interdisciplinary artist who investigates the relationship between virtual and physical landscapes. She takes objects that exist in the public consciousness and remodels them using digital techniques and an unexpected aesthetic to create a new and indeterminate artistic language.

“The capitalist pressures of living in an increasingly depressive achievement-oriented society”

Dancing Eyes III is part of Sinae Yoo’s ongoing multimedia series, Guilt Trip which, as the artist describes, “illustrates the capitalist pressures of living in an increasingly depressive achievement-oriented society.” The project captures dancers hired to perform for new store openings around Seoul, the kitsch interior of a party bus installed with a karaoke system, and faceless men who distribute flyers advertising the services of call girls.

The project’s immersive, first-person perspective compels the audience to witness every frame of garish, attention-seeking activity. The shame, pity, pleasure and discomfort we experience throughout this film is evidence of the moral ambiguity of voyeurism and our role as consumers in a pop culture-driven society.

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