Jake McMylor

Jake McMylor is a photographer based in Manchester, England. His work is centred around the concepts of memory and the self. As someone who experiences Aphantasia, he possesses no visual memory and so relies on photographs to visualise the past. This project, entitled Caecus was a response to his inability to remember the faces of others when they were not with him. Jake’s inspiration for the overarching message behind his work often comes from within – he analyses himself – and in an attempt to understand himself further he produces photographic work to develop a better sense of himself, people around him and his memories. His visuals are influenced by a range of artists from the work of Goya’s black paintings to Michael Ackerman’s spectral depictions of people and place. He finds that inspiration strikes at random. As his practice progresses, he is now looking at the interconnections of recollection and photography using found images. He visualises the act of forgetting, the lucid etherealness of an incomplete, mostly forgotten memory.



Posted on 22 May 2020

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