Charlotte Marshall

Charlotte Marshall is a documentary photographer who focuses on studying relationships, identity and livelihoods across a range of themes and forms. As well as shooting portraits against a variety of environments, she also believes the location is just as important as the model it surrounds. The featured piece, titled Pathway, shows a wooden route floating above the Lake District’s moss land. The pathway is just a small section of a 10-mile walk around Lake Derwentwater, situated just outside of Keswick. The images explore the journey taken around the lake, and how this fragment of the world is completely engulfed by its landscape of mountains. The black and white photographs express the silence that surrounds the lake, whilst documenting the story of how many people will have taken the same path – silent, invisible and anonymous figures on the timeline of the earth. Marshall’s previous projects have also included a study of demolition in mining communities. She is now primarily focused on documenting the NHS and its workforce.

Posted on 3 June 2020

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