Chelsea Stephenson

Chelsea Stephenson is an Artist whose practice focuses on re-creating the created. The artist’s main interest surrounds landscapes and seascapes, with her practice currently focusing on plastic waste in our oceans and how it damages their natural beauty. Stephenson collects lost, found, discarded and washed-up objects to create tools that act as her paintbrush creating different textures and marks across her canvas. The artist’s current work aims to question the viewer on the use of single use plastics and incorrect disposal of said items, to allow them to question themselves on how they can adjust to life without single use plastics in aid of a better eco-system. Stephenson’s colour pallet engulfs and plays with the colour blue, not only to resemble to colour of the ocean but also because the colour is so pleasing to the eye yet resembles feeling of negativity and sadness, which she feels when discussing the subject of plastic waste.


Posted on 3 June 2020

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