The Anti-Racism photography fundraiser

written by Hannah Abel-HirschPublished on 3 July 2020

Austin. 2020 © Arielle Bobb-Willis.

Over 100 photographers from around the world are selling £100 prints to raise money for Black British Charities

The Anti-Racism photography fundraiser — which runs for three weeks from 03 to 24 July — comprises £100 prints from over 100 photographers. Contributing artists include Renell Medrano, Arielle Bobb-Willis, Myles Loftin, Amber Pinkerton, Michael Bailey-Gates, and many others; the complete list can be found here.

The sale is raising money for three British organisations supporting the Black community: The Black Curriculum — a social enterprise founded to address the lack of Black British history in the UK curriculum; Black Minds Matter — an organisation working to make mental health services accessible for all Black people across the UK; and Exist Loudly — an organisation founded to create programming in support of Queer Black youth in London and beyond it.

“As the Black Lives Matter movement continues to lead the fight for equality, the decision to operate under the banner of anti-racism is a call for the creative world, and the world at large, to fight racism everywhere it exists, while empowering the organisations and charities already doing this work,” reads a statement published by the fundraiser — a collective effort by a group of creatives from different areas of the industry.

The list of contributing artists will continue to grow and will be announced on the fundraisers Instagram next week, along with special announcements regarding artist editions.

View the fundraiser here and follow it on Instagram here.

Kai Isaiah Jamal, “Born a mess. But a beautiful one”
Born a mess. But a beautiful one © Kai Isaiah Jamal.
Renell Medrano, “Untitled” (2018)
Untitled. 2018 © Renell Medrano.
Christina Poku, “The Right To Blossom” (2020) Web_750x
The Right To Blossom. 2020 © Christina Poku.
Enough is Enough. 2009 © Jamie Morgan.

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