Beautiful Animated Film Reveals a Close-Up View of Nature’s Growth and Life Cycles

By Madeleine Muzdakis on August 14, 2020

Much of a garden’s lifecycle passes quietly beneath our noses. Story of Flowers is an animated film by Azuma Makoto which celebrates the subtle drama of insects, roots, and plant growth. The video transforms nature into a work of art. Makoto, a flower artist, creates massive floral sculptures which are placed into scenes of daily life in Japan. His photography and videography allow these sculptures to come to life through their interaction with the community.Joining illustrator Katie Scott and animator James Paulley, Makoto created a short film that is intricately detailed, surprisingly calming, and educational for all.

The animated short film tells the tale of a garden located outside a city. Viewers feel the world become quiet as dew drops roll off leaves and roots wind their way into the soil. It highlights the sort of multi-sensory effect you’d find in an app created to calm the mind. The peaceful garden activity takes center stage with flitting insects and gently wilting petals. The short film shows an enchanting world unfolding similar to Makoto’s short “drop time” videos of real bouquets unfolding. The team of artists has also created a sequel, aptly titled Story of Flowers 2. This second video focuses on the role flowers play in the important moments of our lives.

The Story of Flowers short films can be used by teachers of either biology or art to show students the lifecycles of plants. These botanical animations may also bring up emotions and memories. In a time when many people are feeling a desire to connect with nature, they offer a beautiful botanical experience to lift the spirits.

Filmmaker Azuma Makoto collaborated with illustrators Katie Scott and James Paulley to create an animated garden—from the root tips to the highest petals—called Story of Flowers.

The animation team also created a sequel (Story of Flowers 2) that speaks to the importance of flowers at many life events.

The illustrated garden experiences nature’s lifecycles.

Story of Flowers Still
Story of Flowers Still

Each animated scene allows the viewer to connect with these dynamic plants as they grow.

Story of Flowers Still

The details of each flower are fully displayed.

Story of Flowers Still

Azuma Makoto: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Tumbler | Twitter
Katie Scott: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter
James Paulley: Website | Instagram
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