The Three Building Blocks

Travel to majestic Morocco with a Brazilian husband and wife duo exploring the cornerstones of love

The Three Building Blocks is a symbolic analysis of how a relationship develops. It discusses the symbiotic process of sharing a persona and flooding oneself with the other. This film is the result of a deep investigation into the directors’ relationship as a romantic couple. Fernanda Pompermayer and Miguel Thomé described the making of this film as an “intense and deeply personal project”.

They decided to film in Morocco, a country neither had visited before, to express their feelings through symbolic representations of dialogue. Each vignette is an expression of cooperation, mutual understanding, and trust. The esoteric visuals ring with poetic artistry and invite the audience to discover new meanings on repeated viewings.

Fernanda Pompermayer is a Brazillian photographer and designer and her mark can be seen throughout this film, such as the thoughtful use of color and set collage. Miguel Thomé started out as a music video director and has since developed to create spectacular and seductive short films. In his public bio, Thome is described as a director who “seeks to explore the body in a fluid and sensitive way, using symbolic and metaphorical elements to portray the intensity of his art.”August 4, 2021

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