Back To One Episode 167: Deragh Campbell

by Peter Rinaldi
in Columns
on Aug 31, 2021

ActingactorAnne at 13000 Ft.Back to OneDeragh CampbellPodcast

Her riveting and revelatory performance in Kazik Radwanski’s Anne At 13,000 Ft. is the latest in a run of risky work by the Canadian indie phenom Deragh Campbell. In this hour, she talks about the process of sinking into Anne as the production went on and the great benefits and humorous backfires of immersing with non-professional actors in some scenes. Blending non-fiction into her performances is something she does often, particularly in collaboration with director Sofia Bohdanowicz. She talks about the character they created together, Audrey Benac, and the interesting ways performing as her has evolved over five projects. Plus how escaping from self-consciousness has helped the work and maybe even other aspects of her life. And MUCH more. Anne at 13,000 Ft. opens at The Quad in New York City on Friday September 3rd.

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ActingactorAnne at 13000 Ft.Back to OneDeragh CampbellPodcast

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