The Young Ones: Invincibl3

Exploring fragile masculinity and cultural confusion in small-town Australia

Invincibl3 began as a study of identity inspired by my upbringing and continual observations made throughout small towns of Australia,” says director Riley Blakeway. “I was fascinated by the eclectic mix of international cultural influences and the ways it had been combined and appropriated into this distant and rural environment.”

The lead figure in this slick and stylish short is a distillation of what Blakeway observed when he returned to his hometown in New South Wales during the pandemic; a suburban teenage boy that loves rugby, Japanese drift cars, British Drum and Bass music, and Australian outlaw Ned Kelly.

“I’ve always been interested in the way modern Australia struggles with a lack of natural identity,” he says. “Australia is so far removed from the rest of the world, geographically, but influenced so heavily by foreign popular culture.

“When we try to assimilate these cultural influences into our own, the authenticity is often altered or lost in translation. Regardless, these appropriations seem to infiltrate, take on new life and become widely accepted as part of the norm.”

“The film evolved into a more concentrated study of identity, but also a study of status, fragile masculinity, small-town mentality and the questionable heroes Australia often celebrates. Invincibl3 then materialized into a tone poem of sorts, depicting a modern Australian spirit quest.”September 3, 2021

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