A Hue Named Blue

Two creatives explore adidas Originals’ iconic color for the launch of the FW21 Blue Version collection

What does the color blue mean to you? - YouTube


The color at the heart of adidas Originals gets a new platform in luxe sports fashion with the launch of the Blue Version Fall/Winter 2021 collection. Blue Version pays homage to adidas Originals’ rich heritage by recoding and revamping classic athleisure designs.

In this film directed by Danny Sangra, two creatives come together to explore what the color blue means to them. Seen wearing adidas Originals Blue Verion collection slim fit track joggers, blue track top, and bicolor trench coat, Anita Chhiba is a New Zealand-born Londoner who founded a community platform that celebrates underrepresented South Asian talent in industries such as fashion and beauty.

Sporting the adidas Originals Blue Version collection trefoil “Quality” track top, black jacket, coat, and trousers, Aki Omoshaybi is an actor and filmmaker whose directorial debut last year was inspired by his desire to foreground Black British experiences in cinema and thereby create new role models for the upcoming generation.

The film’s leads capture the drama and euphoria of the color blue in a string of playful responses that ignite the screen with crashing waves and piercing lightning. Sangra’s lens shows every angle of the pair in a split-screen frame, which contains every shade of adidas Originals’ iconic color. From bluebird to deep indigo, the pair presents the color as heritage and vanguard, uncompromising and accommodating. Just like the color blue, adidas Originals is a feeling, a sound, and a mood.


Margo Mars

Margo Mars

Danny Sangra

Danny Sangra

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