Sound & Vision: Awe

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Sound & Vision: Awe

A hybrid exploratory work attempting to define universal wonder

One of the most ambiguous words in the English language is awe. For some, it is fear mixed with reverence and for others, it is joy wrapped in astonishment. Montreal-based screenwriter and director Édith Jorisch attempts to define the idea of universal wonder in an eight-minute film.

Jorisch invited individuals from around the world to explain in their native languages what awe means to them. Through this guided journey, the director created a visual and sonic repository of definitions and testimonies concerning the film’s namesake.

Awe is a hybrid work filmed on Mini DV, HD, and 16mm film. Alongside a collection of archive and public domain footage, the project explores four universal pillars that inspire awe: The natural world, technological advances, human achievement, and personal connections.

With a well-practiced craft in film and television, Jorisch’s work often presents a bittersweet, human perspective on contemporary society. Combining elements of documentary and fiction, she presents awe as an enigma wrapped in a dream. October 11, 2021

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