LoveSick: Skin to Skin

A kaleidoscope of hook-ups and confessions from Ireland’s vibrant LGBTQ+ community

«For some people, the no strings attached thing implies something impersonal; no emotions, no real intimacy involved. But some of my most intimate experiences have been with casual hook-ups. With strangers even.” —O

In their latest short film, Skin to Skin, directors Nathan Fagan and Luke Daly capture the emotionally complex nuances and contradictions of casual sex and one-night stands. The film reenacts real stories and late-night confessions as remembered by a man who goes by the initial O.

“Bedrooms have become confessionals of the modern age”

“In the media and popular culture, LGBTQ+ hook-up culture is often presented as one-dimensional, hedonistic, and impersonal,” said the directors, who are professionally known as Luna. “By exploring these stories in all their richness, authenticity, and raw emotion, we wanted to show how hook-up culture allows alienated people to connect emotionally with others and allows individuals to experience a sense of intimacy and community.”

Skin to Skin illustrates how bedrooms have become confessionals of the modern age. Individuals feel safe revealing their innermost thoughts and private experiences to sexual partners because they are unlikely to meet again. “The stories it recounts are raw, funny, insightful, heartbreaking, uplifting, and sexy, often all at the same time,” said Luna. “It also shows how hook-up culture is a way for many people to alleviate their loneliness, trauma, and shame.”November 24, 2021

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