Ancient History: Aaliyah, Tommy Lee, and Donatella Versace Rang In Y2K

By Mitchell Nugent

Ancient History

Welcome to Ancient History, a new bi-monthly column that unearths some of this magazine’s most iconic, yet rarely-seen photographic memories of yesteryear. This week, we’re ringing in the New Year by revisiting the year that launched a thousand and one velour tracksuits: Y2K.

Just over 20 years ago, we spent New Year’s Eve 1999 awaiting the end of the world as the seconds ticked down to Y2K. But instead of Armageddon, the early aughts were born—an era defined  by teeny candy colored sunglasses, precariously low-rise jeans, bellybutton rings, stripey highlights, and a slew of timeless pop culture moments that still reverberate today (looking at you, Euphoria). Britney Spears performed “Oops!…I Did It Again” in a nude catsuit at the VMAs, and Eminem inspired countless suburban teens to bleach their hair white-blond. The year 2000 shocked and delighted, and Interview’s own archive from the year is no exception. Below, peruse some of our best photographic moments from the start of the new millennium. 

Ancient History
Aaliyah by Hype Williams, October 2000
Ancient History
Adriana Lima by Ellen von Unwerth, September 2000
Ancient History
Brittany Murphy by Bruce Weber, May 2000
Christina Aguliera by Guy Aroch, April 2000
Colin Farrell by Ellen von Unwerth, February 2000
Donatella Versace by David LaChapelle, January 2000
Jessica Alba by Greg Gorman, January 2000
Katie Holmes by Max Vadukul, March 2000
Kelis by Hype Williams, October 2000
Ancient History
Kirsten Dunst by Bruce Weber, June 2000
Ancient History
Fran Lebowitz, Lil’ Kim, and Bethann Hardison by Patrick McMullan and Larry Fink, January 2000
Ancient History
Tommy Lee by David LaChapelle, March 2000

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