German Artist Collective Claims to Have Stolen Joseph Beuys Sculpture


October 23, 2020 12:01pm

One of Joseph Beuys’s 1985 Capri Battery works.AP PHOTO/EDGAR R.SCHOEPAL

he artist collective Frankfurter Hauptschule claims to have stolen one of Joseph Beuys’s 1985 Capri Battery works from an exhibition in Oberhausen, Germany. According to a report by the German newspaper Süddeutsche[…]

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Requiem for a Dream, The Haunting and Sergeant York: Jim Hemphill’s Home Video Recommendations

Requiem for a Dream

by Jim Hemphillin Filmmakingon Oct 16, 2020

Darren Aronofsky, Howard Hawkes, Jan de Bont, Requiem for a Dream, Sergeant York, The Haunting

This month marks the 20th anniversary of the U.S. theatrical release of Requiem for a Dream, Darren Aronofsky’s visually dazzling and[…]

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“Make a Documentary of What’s Happening in Front of You”: DP Phedon Papamichael on Shooting Aaron Sorkin’s Courtroom Drama, The Trial of the Chicago 7

The Trial of the Chicago 7

by Daniel Eaganin Cinematographers, Interviewson Oct 16, 2020

Aaron Sorkin, Netflix, Phedon Papamichael, The Trial of the Chicago 7

After violence disrupted the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, eight defendants were arrested for conspiracy to incite a[…]

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“I Don’t Have the Prosthetics Team Sacha Baron Cohen Does”: John Wilson on his HBO Show How To with John Wilson

John Wilson shooting How To with John Wilson (courtesy of Zach Dilgard/HBO)

by Vadim Rizovin Directors, Interviewson Oct 22, 2020

HBO, How To with John Wilson, John Wilson

In his short films, compulsive shooter John Wilson combines a nervous voiceover with impossible amounts of nonfiction footage; the[…]

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